Dec 20, 2010

The Snow Pictures

here are the snow pictures i promised... a little (!?) late, because i've been busy.

Nov 25, 2010


We finally have snow on the ground!!! YESH!!!!! I'm so happy. Sadly though, i can't post any pictures of it now, because my card reader broke :( Maybe later. Instead you get to see water dropets.... joy... ;) Hopefully I'll get a new card reader today...
Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Sep 9, 2010


So my family and I have gone to Utah. Some of my Aunts and Uncles and their children have come too. I drove up with my Aunt and Uncle. We stopped at a place called "The Hole in the Wall" it was pretty awesome. Its about this guy who blew a hole in a stone "mountain" (i dont know what to call it) and made a house in it. (Thats where theawesome car below is from)!
Here are some of the many pictures I've gotten sofar.

My future car!! ;D
My Beloved Aunt :)

Jul 14, 2010


Sorry. I haven't posted anything in a while.
Yesterday I went to walmart with Sam and Maggie. (sadly I forgot to bring my camera). We bought gummy-worms.. Which were good. Later we went to McDonalds and Sam got a very greasy burger. Maggie got the brilliant idea to squish the burger. Not a very pretty picture... Trust me, don't try it.
It started pouring outside, so of course we went outside to run in the rain. We accidently ran through a huge puddle. So Sam and I started jumping and splashing in it. Hey, we were already wet, why not get drenched? Not a good idea when you're gonna ride in a car by the way... Anyway, Maggie stood to the side while we were encuraging cars to drive through the puddle. (I got some of the muddy puddle water in my mouth... gross!!!)
Well. That's all I guess. Here are some pictures I decided to post.
Have a wonderful day!

Jun 5, 2010

Seminary Grad

Hello people out there...
Well. Today I went to the Seminary Grad, because the 8th graders were invited. I had a good time.. I'm not sure about the others.. ;) We got the Scripture Masteries for D&C, practiced them, competed the 12th graders (I'm not sure if we won or not... but if we lost it wasnt by much), then we ate.. haha good times, then we went to the chapel so the "students" could get their diplomas. Then it was done.. My favorite part was lunch... Just 'cause i got to hang with my friends.. (although i kinda did that the whole time. ;) but during lunch i got pics ) :)

Jun 4, 2010

Welcome back...

I haven't posted anything in a while... a lot has happened. :) well just I've got glasses now. xD Apparantly I'm a little near-sighted.. I only need them somwtimes.. so yeah.
I've got a new lense to my camera too. :D So the pictures will be a little better.
A lot has happened so I'm not gonna name them all. I think I'm gonna stop here..
Have a nice day!
Bye!! :D

Jan 4, 2010

Drip Drop (2)

hihi. this was "interesting."

Dec 31, 2009

Siblings 2009

Heey! I decided to post some pics of my siblings that i have taken this year. :) There are a lot of pics or Sarah, and like nothin of victor, but whatever. :D